Cinnamon Basil Herb Plant For Sale
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Product Description

Cinnamon Basil Herb Plants For Sale. This plant will grow tall and wide. About 3 feet tall and about 2 1/2 feet wide. Cinnamon Basil Herb Plants will make a great walk way scrub or a great container plants. The Cinnamon Basil Plant has the flavor of cinnamon.

Like all herb plants Cinnamon Basil Herb Plants are easy to grow and a great produces of many leaves. Dry the leaves and use as a herb spice for all types of recipes. This herb plant is really to big for a house plant. So after a long season of harvesting leaves from early Spring to late Fall take a minute and collect some of the seeds from this plant for growing next season. The seeds can be used in recipes as well. Save the seeds for planting in a paper bag at room temperature. Starting Basil from this plant are easy as the seeds are big and some what forgivable for beginner errors.

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