3 Year - Asparagus Roots and Crowns For Sale from the Asparagus Gardener Farm Store. At the Asparagus Gardener Farm Store you can order 3 Year old Asparagus Roots in the following Asparagus varieties: Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Giant and Heirloom and the following plants.

Elephant Garlic, Raspberry Plants, Everbearing Strawberry Plants, Wild Ramps, Walking Onions, Red Hot Pokers, Horseradish Roots ,Okra Plant, Herbs, Luffa. Fill up your garden and enjoy a long season of great harvests.

This season plant large 2 year or 3 year old Asparagus roots and crowns for sale.

Visit our web site http://www.asparagusgardener.com for all the details of how to grow Asparagus, how to plant Asparagus, how to prepare your soil for Asparagus planting.

Control garden pests by planting Garlic, Marigolds, and Pennyroyal. Plant either Elephant or Jumbo Garlic in between you Asparagus plants or other garden plants and watch the garden pests run. Garden pest do not like the smell of garlic. Looking for delicious tomato plants. Plant our Albert's Mountain Tomato Plants: Boss Hog, Daisy Dude, Sody Daisy and Heirloom. Many varieties of tomato plants all organic in Vine or Bush style plants also indeterminate or determinate.

Looking for Strawberry plants? How about harvesting Strawberries from early Spring till Fall? Plant the Everbearing Strawberry plants. Ever bearing are sweet and make plenty of fruit as well and runners Confused? not sure how many Asparagus roots, Strawberry or Ramps to plant just call us 931-254 -0972. Happy to help with planning your next garden.

There are many new garden plants this season for example Ramps. Ramps are harvested from our forest. These are the Ramps that famous chefs cook with. Now you can grow them in your garden. Just plant under a tree with filtered sun light. A Ramp is a garlic and a onion all wraped up in one bulb. Want to make jelly or jam plant red, black or purple Raspberry plants.

Have fun with your garden, plant new plants and enjoy a season of great harvests.

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